We offer a wide variety of teas: caffeinated, decaf, black and green. if you choose to drink your tea in-house, not only do you get to return to your table with a pot of your very own, but you can also have the pleasure of spilling hot water all across your table. Either a glitch in the pot-making, or just a pot for advanced tea drinker, we're not sure. But we will kindly offer you a towel to clean your small mess. During weekends, we offer classes for pouring your tea just right. Jamie, because of his sensitivity, has mastered the art of pouring.

Another favorite part of ours is watching the customers pronounce the intricate names of the teas we have. Whether it be Gyokuro or Ku-Ki Cha (also known as the twig tea), it's always a humbling experience. Oh yes, and the Lapsang Souchong, which has a very smoky aroma, either that of a campfire on a chilly night, or as JJ used to like to say, like the smell of mens department at your local shoe store. It is really, that smoky.

1839 Murray Avenue / (412) 521.6161