We don't necessarily believe that a shot of espresso should run exactly twenty-five seconds to reach perfection or that there is much efficiency in shouting drink-names across a room when the customer is standing only several feet away. Each experience, each interaction, each cup of coffee is unique and contains the heart and craft of the barrista making it. Much like a farmer who, after planning for rain, receives nothing but hot and droughty air all summer long might rethink his crop, we think that intuition and pride can far outway anything you can learn in a week-long seminar. And yes, that metaphor may have not gone anywhere, but we hope that you are still with us.

Our menu attempts to cater to everyone, from those who may be lactose-intellorant, those who want to imagine Paris while spooning the froth way from their cappuccino, to those whole like M&Ms, but prefer to see them in a chocolate batter as opposed to the more traditional plain batter.

Above and to your right is a menu that will guide the way. If you should have any specific questions, feel free to get on the phone and call us. You may wish to ask for Scott. His knowledge of the menu is quite vast. He possesses a firm grip on all its intricacies.

1839 Murray Avenue / (412) 521.6161