A strong, black coffee made by forcing steam through rich espresso beans. In most ways, it is measured by its crema, the thick, swirly cloud of coffee at its peak. Back to the weather analogy: it is undesirable to have a clear, cloudless espresso, contrary to the smiles which sunny, clear days bring to meteorologists' faces.
1.40 / 1.95

Espresso Macchiato
This one comes with a wee bit of foam on top. It is the illegitimate child of a cappuccino. Imagine a young boy aspiring to be like his father.
1.40 / 1.95

Espresso Con Panna
With whipped cream on top. Here, you can get a bit of sweetness while still retaining the integrity and allure that drinking an espresso can bring you.
1.40 / 1.95

Espresso poured over a cup of hot water. In the end, it's similar to a cup of coffee, but much, much smoother.
1.40 / 1.95

Espresso with steamed milk and frothed milk to top it off. Mathematically speaking, the ratio is 2:2:2 (espresso:milk:foam). If asked for dry, it would be more along the lines of 2:1:3. Or wet, 2:3:1.
2.00 / 2.75

Cappuccino Mocha
Just like you might have thought: a cappuccino with mocha flavoring and Hershey's chocolate to decorate the top. Customary decorations are the zig-zag and the swirl, but other designs do exist.
2.25 / 3.00

Espresso with steam milk added, usually with a wee bit of foam. Precisely, it is one-part coffee, three-parts milk.
2.20 / 3.15

Latte Mocha
Latte tasting of chocolate.
2.45 / 3.40

Keep in mind, all of these drinks can be made iced too. Freddo means iced, or cold. Something like that. It's Italian.

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