On April 23rd, we lost a dear, dear friend in Floyd Gaines, better known around here as Brother Floyd, probably even better known for his huge smile and overwhelming heart. Whether it were his antics and interest concerning the lives of celebrities that we had all forgotten about, or the folded notes he handed off asking for an odd, yet modest amount of money, or the way he would tap his toes and unabashedly break of into a traditional southern gospel song or Bill Withers, he continually brought smiles to our faces for the past ten years. In the end, he had always treated us like family, perhaps that’s why it was so easy for him to slap “Brother” on the front of our names and why it seemed natural to add it to the front of his.

We continue to miss him each and every day here at the cafe and do all that we can so his beautiful spirit lives on here.

Floyd Gaines (1942—2006)
1839 Murray Avenue / (412) 521.6161