Most of the week, Keith is at the cafe bright and early (actually, it's around four in the morning sometimes) baking those delicious pastries. It's during this time that he deeply meditates, pondering what specific blends of coffee that he will brew for the day. A voice speaks to him from above. He declined to listen at first, but now, he warmly embraces it.

For those of you who want a lighter blend, less acidity, less caffeine, the city roast should do you good. Sumatra and Ethiopian are favorites around here. And for those of who need the extra kick in the butt, the extra caffeine, the stronger body, the french roasts might better suit you. And for the light hearted, our decaf is always available as well.

And for those of you going away, or who may want a little taste of the 61C at your homes in the morning, our coffees are available by the half-pound and pound too. For an additional fee, our barristas will travel with you, brewing your coffee in the mornings. Or at home, serve you coffee with a side of toast. Inquire for details.

In-House Coffee
1.10 / 1.60

.75 / 1.00

To Go
1.10 / 1.35 / 1.60 / 1.85

Cafe Au Lait
Fresh coffee with steamed milk.

Cafe Au Lait Mocha
Fresh coffee, steamed milk, and a dash of mocha.

Shot in the Dark
Fresh coffee served with a shot of espresso.

Whole Bean or Ground
City Roasts:
Costa Rica
Mocha Java
Mexican Organic
Nicaragua Organic
5.25 / 10.25

6.25 / 12.25

French Roasts:
House Blend
5.25 / 10.25

Espresso Roasts:
From Pittsburgh's very own, La Prima, available in decaf as well.
5.25 / 10.25

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