Close your eyes. Tight. Even tighter than that. Now try to imagine what your local neighborhood looked like in 1993. You probably don’t see that many coffeeshops, huh? And the idea that your thirteen year old son or daughter might be spending time after school drinking cappuccinos seems a bit absurd, right? Or the idea that a local cafe will be treated like as a public library in the not-so-distant future seems a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? Okay. You can open your eyes now.

Thirteen years ago, Kate Knorr and Gary Kaboly had a very simple idea — to provide a quality cup of coffee and a friendly environment in the city of Pittsburgh. Specifically Squirrel Hill. While it’s safe to say that coffee culture has certainly changed in the last decade, it’s also probably just as safe to say that Kate and Gary, and cafes of a similar vein, are in a large part responsible. They are the very examples that your corporate coffee chains are using as their models. And in all this time, little has changed at the 61C, well, at least in theory. Still the friendly faces, still Keith pouring your coffee in the mornings, and still the weavings in and out of conversations pertaining to Linux, Marxist Theory, or Steeler Sunday.

Thanks for joining us on the web. We're happy to be here. We hope to see you inside very, very soon.